The objects I create satisfy a tactile response I have with various textures, colors, and shapes. Whether I am ripping into upholstery foam or smearing blood and paint, my connection to the raw substances fuels my formal decisions. Mixing traditional, bodily, and synthetic material drives the compositions of both my two dimensional and three dimensional work. I look at my work as a visual record of my body, with my own shapes, gestures, and cells guiding the objects into being. I exert the whole of myself to stuff, wrap, drip, tuck, stretch, and stitch until the materials lose their individual identity. By mixing and matching materials ranging from porcelain to plastic to pantyhose I strive to create an evocative balance which is both familiar and alien; nameable and abstract.

    In order to confront the viewer with a candid reflection of my own experiences, I have built my body of work around forms of human anatomy. The vaginal and phallic shapes I utilize, and the ambiguous combination of the two, speak directly to gender and sex. I see the vagina in particular as a potent symbol of the pains and pleasures of being a woman ; The chalice of female power and the ultimate generative portal which even today is taboo to speak of openly. Pairing aggressive, visceral shapes with softer , sometimes even elegant fabrics demands a certain context; one that places the viewer in a vulnerable state of voyeur, looking upon both the recognizable and the foreign. The honest and utter corporeal nature of my work creates a dialogue about bodies, making the viewer conscious of their own being and sexual desires.